CTCB-I Testing & Certification Course: 22nd February 2022


The Irish Cleanroom Society (ICS) is a not for profit membership subscription based organisation supporting the Cleanroom community in Ireland. Our main focus is to offer better knowledge and awareness of technology to professionals in semi conductor, medical technology, pharmaceutical, healthcare and food sectors.

We develop and deliver cleanroom training educational events, exhibitions & conferences. We also coordinate and promote the development of international contamination control standard.

The ICS website provides a touchstone and ready reference for cleanroom professionals.

The ICS is a member of ICCCS (International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies).

ICS Training


18/11/2021: International Cleanroom Pass
23/11/2021: CTCB-I Testing & Certification

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ICS Education

Educational Events

29/11/2021: Virtual Cleanroom Forum